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Clothesline Basket Holder

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Clothesline Basket Holder

A typical laundry day for the busy homemaker is something that you can consider as a full-body ‘workout’.

Crawling on your hands and knees to reach for an odd pair of socks or sweaty shirts under the bed…

Hauling laundry from each bedroom to the wash area…

Stretching to get the laundry detergent from the top of your pantry…

A perfect recipe for a full-blown back pain.

Which leaves you all drained to bend over and over again just to reach for those meticulously washed clothes to hang on the line.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the Clothesline Basket Holder, your washing will be completely accessible – without straining your back.

This brilliant device from Austral would ensure that you will be at your most convenient position – no more bending!

Simply hook onto the clothesline unit without fear that your basket will off from the holder!

Highly Recommended for:

  • Individuals with Back Pain 
  • Senior Citizens 
  • Pregnant Women 
  • People with Disabilities 
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to exert too much effort while line drying 

About Austral

The Austral Clothes Hoist range of washing lines, laundry lines, and clothesline accessories are manufactured in Australia using high quality local materials and local skilled clothesline workers.

All Austral products are specifically designed to answer the specific washing demands and drying requirements of the busy homemaker. These are also categorically equipped to withstand the harsh Aussie climate all year round.

Product Details

What's in the Box: 1 x Basket Holder
Weight: 2kg
Material: Powder Coated Steel
Compatibility: Fixed Rotary Clotheslines, FoldAway Rotary Clotheslines
Available Colours:Colour: Classic Cream, Heritage Green, Woodland Grey
Warranty: 12 months