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Eco Stainless Steel Lowline Attachment

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Eco Stainless Steel Lowline Attachment

This optional accessory adds 3 extra lines to your eco stainless steel clothesline. It may be attached to any of the Eco Stainless Steel foldown clotheslines to increase the total line space of your clothesline.

The Stainless Steel Lowline attachment sits 400mm below the main frame and is either attached to the main frame so it moves up and down when the main frame is folded, or it can be detached from the main frame and folded flat to the wall if not required.

The units the Eco Stainless Steel Lowline attachment fits include:

  • Eco Stainless Steel 120 Clothesline
  • Eco Stainless Steel 240 Clothesline
  • Eco Stainless Steel 300 Clothesline

Note: The Lowline attachment cannot be added to an existing clothesline as the wall brackets need to be longer to accommodate the Lowline.