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EcoDry Portable Clothesline

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EcoDry Portable Clothesline

Shrink and stretch. That’s what you get when you tumble dry with the wrong setting.

Snag and stain. That’s what happens when you force unlike garments into one harsh spin cycle.

Smelly and shabby-looking. And that’s the result of clothes and linens not ever seeing the light of day.

Can tumble drying get any worse than this?

The EcoDry Portable Clothesline: form and function – all rolled into an all-around foldable drying rack for all your clothes drying tasks.

Everyday loads of laundry? Check.

Delicate hand-washables? Check.

Drip drying or flat drying? Check.

Line dry your linens and sheets outdoors for maximum sun exposure. Or, when the weather’s all crazy, haul it inside the bathroom for air drying essentials that you need early in the morning.

10 UV resistant lines with 1.6 metres in length each in a powder coated aluminium and stainless steel fixture. Variable line tensioning system to prevent sagging. Adjustable height to cater to different users. Secret wheels for easy manoeuvring.

All form and function that no electric dryer can ever achieve.

Proudly Australian-Made Clothesline Unit

The EcoDry Portable Clothesline is a 100% Aussie-designed and manufactured product that is built for all-weather clothes drying task both in Australia and overseas.

Its impressive aesthetic quality is only matched by its ingenious drying capabilities – all for the sole purpose of bringing utmost convenience and full satisfaction to its primary user.

Item inclusion: 1 x Pre-assembled clothesline unit

Happiness Guaranteed!

All clothesline products you buy will have a 100-day full refund guarantee – no questions asked, no explanations needed – to ensure your maximum protection and utmost satisfaction in our service!



    Brand EcoDry
    Suitable For 1 - 2 People
    Total Line Space 16m
    Number of Lines 10
    Width 0.71m
    Length 1.66m
    Frame Height Minimum of 0.95m to maximum of 1.42m
    Assembly Required No
    Weight 4.62kg