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PVC Rotary Clothesline Cover

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PVC Rotary Clothesline Cover

How does the PVC Rotary Clothesline Cover work on your favour while line drying outdoors?

  • Complete coverage against unexpected rain showers or intermittent downpours 
  • Lessens premature fading and discolouration due to the sun’s harsh UV rays 
  • Maximum protection against dirt and dust as well as bat poo and bird droppings on a particularly windy day 
  • Extra shade while relaxing, entertaining, or during family activities 
  • Total peace of mind when you’re busy doing other household chores 
  • Full confidence that your clothes will dry properly even when you’re away from home 

The PVC Rotary Clothesline Cover, made from heavy duty PVC material that is UV resistant and waterproof, can fit most fixed rotary and folding rotary clothesline units. It is available in Tan colour only.

The PVC Rotary Clothesline Cover is available in 2 sizes: its SMALL cover has 2830mm to 3340mm outside line length; its LARGE cover has more than 3350mm outside line length.

A standout feature of the PVC Rotary Clothesline Cover is its cord that zigzags between the outside line and the eyelets around the edge of the cover to ensure stability even when there are strong wind gusts.

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Cover 
  • 2 x Fibreglass rods with ferrules 
  • Fibreglass rods (Qty. depends on cover size) 
  • 4 x Double sized velcro straps 
  • 2 x Webbing strap 
  • 1 x Instructions manual 

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Material PVC
Waterproof Yes
Size Options Small (2830mm - 3340mm Outside Line Length) Large (3350mm Plus Outside Line Length)
Colour Tan
Warranty 12 Months
Life Expectancy 2 - 3 Years