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Versaline Up & Away Ceiling Airer

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Versaline Up & Away Ceiling Airer

You’ve heard all the wonderful benefits of line drying and all the negative impacts of tumble drying, especially in your monthly budget.

What if you literally don’t have any available space to spare – no small backyard or tiny patio, not even a vacant wall indoors or outdoors?

That’s exactly what Versaline Up & Away Clothes Ceiling Airer is created for.

Drill on your available ceiling space (preferably the highest point inside or outside your home or wherever there is least foot traffic) and you still got an instant drying unit that won’t cost any cent to operate!

Mount outdoors where the sun’s heat or the natural breeze can reach it.

Mount indoors – especially during colder months or rainy days – and allow the natural process of convection to dry your clothes.

The Versaline Up & Away Clothes Ceiling Airer is available in Up&Away 160 unit and Up&Away 210 unit, providing 13 metres and 17 metres of linear hanging space respectively.

A Versatile Clothesline Solution that is 100% Australian Made

Necessity being the mother of all inventions truly applies to the ingenious creation of the Versaline Clothesline. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use – especially in small homes and rental units – this versatile clothesline product that is 100% locally designed and manufactured is ingenuous enough to achieve 3 simple but practical goals at the same time:

  • Provide much-needed hanging space 
  • Uses home’s natural heat to dry your clothes 
  • With sleek and discreet design for seamless blending in modern homes 

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Drying Solution

Versaline Creators Barry and Stephanie de Boer envision a clothesline unit that will bring freedom to all homemakers trapped in the unending toxic cycle of tumble drying.

The Versaline Clotheslines range makes it easy to ‘pull the plug’ and enjoy perfectly dried clothes with zero electric costs, zero carbon emission, and zero wear-and-tear on clothes.

What you get:

  • Clothesline Frame 
  • Clothesline Cord 
  • Fixing Screws 
  • Eyebolts 
  • Pulley Blocks 
  • Tie-off Cleat 

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    Brand Versaline
    Length 1.6m to 2.1m
    Width 0.65m
    Line Length 10m