We’re proud to be the largest supplier & installer of Australian made clotheslines in the country. Here you’ll find exactly what you need, plus support our great nation's economy, small businesses and families along the way.

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When you shop for a clothesline, it’s easy to look at the final product and forget all the people involved along the way that helped get it on the shelf. People involved in manufacturing, packaging, logistics, distribution, retail and customer service.

Sadly, many clothesline brands (even iconic ones) outsource this work to other countries such as China to take advantage of cheap labour. This means your hard earned money leaves our shores to strengthen foreign economies, and not our own.

At Australian Made Clotheslines, we believe you have the power to change this.

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Donated to the Australian Koala Foundation to aid in the conservation of Koala habitats
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Simply add to your order to support a professional local clothesline installer

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