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Austral Unit Line 15 Ground Mount Kit

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Austral Unit Line 15 Ground Mount Kit

Not for Individual Sale - Can only be ordered with clothesline or posts

Austral Ground Mount Kit is for the ground mounting of Austral foldown clothesline model Unit Line 15.

The ground mount kit allows for these types of folding frame clothes lines to be installed free standing anywhere around your home or garden.

Installation requires two holes dug no longer than 1300mm diameter apart and approximately 400-500mm deep depending on desired finished height. Pre-mix cement is used to fix the posts into soil.

The Ground Mount Posts are multi punched for ease and height flexibility, allowing the frame to be installed to the user's correct height. This allows the plugs to be removed easily, which allows the height re-positioning of the frame if required.

To adjust the height of the clothesline frame, remove the cord and bolts, then re-position the frame and secure with the bolts and re-cord.

The foldown frame rests against the upright posts when situated in the folded position.