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Clothesline Installation Service

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Clothesline Installation Service

If professional clothesline installation service is what you need, professional clothesline installation service is what you will get from us!

For a $155.00 standard installation flat rate, enjoy hassle-free installation process that will lead to fast, easy, and manageable clothes drying task!

Why Choose Professional Clothesline Installers

Choosing professional installation of any clothesline product you purchased can guarantee any or all of the following:

(1) 100% optimal use of your available space
(2) Maximum efficiency of your unit
(3) The utmost convenience and satisfaction of the primary user during clothes drying task

First-Rate Professionalism

All clothesline installers are authorised specialists with relevant training and experience in the assembly, mounting, drilling, and installing of any type of outdoor clothesline unit for different types of residential homes.

With professional installers, you can be guaranteed that your clothesline unit:

  • Will be installed in a safe, practical, and accessible location 
  • Will have proper tensioning and optimal efficiency based on its available features 
  • Will have smooth operation and maximum longevity to satisfy your specific drying requirements 

Your Seal of Approval, Our Code of Honour

Customer service is essential not only for the survival of our company, but also for the purposeful perpetuity of our business.

We take our clothesline installation service very seriously because your two-thumbs’ up approval is what makes our job worthwhile.

About Australian-Manufactured Clothesline Products

All washing lines, laundry lines, and clothesline units and accessories that are 100% Aussie-designed and Aussie-made are made from locally-sourced raw materials and components of the highest quality through the ingenious craftsmanship of local skilled clothesline specialists.

These products have industry-standard features and performance, at par with foreign-manufactured clothesline units – but at a more affordable price. Plus, they are categorically equipped to withstand the harsh Aussie weather condition and other corroding elements.